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Stabi 1 turntable 1982-1986

Original Stabi turntable which was never exported outside former Yugoslavia. Closed  solid oak construction with smoked glass lid and round shape armboard with spring suspension and three rubber feet. Suspension was adjustable from the top through three holes  with allen key.

This turntable was replaced  by Stabi 2 turntable in 1985 which has on the top 4 black knobs for  adjusting damped suspension which was then exported worldwide. The solid main frame was supported by three adjustable covered spiked legs. Armboard was rectangular shape. See more: Stabi 1985-2005.


We still have most of the spare parts in stock.

Product photos:

Stabi 1 turntable 1984-1986 Stabi 1 turntable and Stogi tonearm 1984-1986

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