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27. Maj, 2017

Kuzma 4Point 14 inch tone arm review in Positive Feedback May 2017

See link: Positive feedback

Albert Porter wrote:

"When a group of us listened together this flaw was frequently interpreted as an over driven microphone or over saturated tape. Whatever verbal term used to describe this error, it became an accepted part of that recording. Cleaning with best methods and great attention to adjustments did not always resolve the problem and this continued with multiple tonearms and cartridges, in some cases for many years.

That changed once the Kuzma 4 Point 14" was set up to perfection, at which point these problems were rendered less obvious and in some cases were resolved completely.

The best way I can describe this, I am now getting greater dynamic range with peaks that are not only louder but I'm also hearing an improvement in resolution within that dynamic. This higher peak sound pressure level replaces a previously compressed, clipped or distorted portion of that recording. This improvement is unique, something I've never encountered to this extent with any other tonearm. It sometimes requires long term listening to notice because it's either very slight or we've become accustomed to it and have no expectation it can be improved."


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